Meet Ken

My name is Ken Dious. I was born and raised locally in Athens, Georgia and attended Athens-Clarke County public schools. I have been married to my wife Annette Dious for over thirty years, together we have one son, Kevin Dious, a soft-ware engineer and fellow UGA law school graduate.

I have resided in Athens most of my life. I started my law practice in Athens over 41 forty years ago in 1974; I was the first African-American attorney to practice in Athens and Northeast Georgia. 

I grew my practice as a general practitioner specializing in race and sexual discrimination. As the result of having obtained a BBA in Finance as an undergraduate from UGA, I specialize in representing small businesses. This has taught me that the creation of small businesses is one of the keys to revitalizing our economy. 

This election is about job creation and getting people back to work. Our present Congress has failed over and over again to tackle our country and Georgia's most pressing problem, job creation. In addition, Congress has failed to deal with raising the minimum wage, adequately funding our public education system and the pressing issue of immigration reform. Not only has Congress failed to act on the aforementioned issues, the divisiveness they have shown has caused our country to lose credibility in the international community. As a result, certain countries, such as Russia and others have made moves to illegally occupy other countries, support terrorism and extend nuclear proliferation.

It is important at this time that we send someone to Congress who can work in a bi-partisan manner across party lines to lead this country back to national prominence. We do not need to send someone to Washington that is going to be a further obstructionist while our country is at such a critical juncture. 

It's time we let the current leadership know we will not accept mediocrity for our families any longer. I intend to do everything I can to help make that happen. 



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